When most people hear about Nevada they think of Las Vegas and walking the strip. However, there is more to Nevada than just this well-known city. Have you ever heard about Henderson? Well, it is a beautiful place that is located 16 miles southeast of Las Vegas and is only bettered in size by the same City of Las Vegas.

Background On Henderson

Henderson was founded in 1953 and was named after Charles Henderson who was a US Senator from 1918 to 1921. He died one year after the city was founded and since then it has grown into a lovely place for doing business, recreation, and just to live and raise a family.

Henderson has a population of over 310,000 persons and is about 1864 feet above sea level. The city is just shy of 108 square miles and has plenty of land for adventures, hiking, and many outdoor activities. Its proximity to Las Vegas means that living here can still offer great benefits.

This place is an amazing testimony to what men can accomplish as Nevada is known for its desert-like landscape which means that building homes can be difficult, but as you can see it was pulled off seamlessly. From the foundation to the roof, nothing has been spared to make life comfortable in Henderson.

Roof Repair In Henderson Nevada

This means that many services are on-site to help when needed. So getting roof repair Henderson NV won’t be a big deal, neither will any other basic service really, so living here would be a piece of cake. The same can be said of visiting as there are no shortages of places to stay.

It is said that living in Henderson is a bit more expensive than living in Las Vegas, but it all depends on what you prefer. Henderson will be a more toned down to life on The Strip, so if that is what you prefer you can definitely settle in Henderson Nevada. Information provided about Henderson shows the city is doing well in the educational system and in housing.

Suburban Lifestyle

Most Henderson residents own their homes and you can too if you want to live there. The city is considered a suburban type lifestyle, due to the high amount of professional young people in Henderson it can be a very driven place to live with a high quality of life.

Henderson Nevada ranks third in the best place to retire and the safest place to live. These are two important aspects of any city for persons who may be looking for somewhere else to live and settled down by themselves or with a family. The weather in Henderson has a more summer-like feel; it can get cold but snow seldom ever falls if ever. It also records a very low rainfall which means there are more sunny days in Henderson than any other type of weather.
It sure seems like Henderson NV is a great place to live, I hope you found the information useful and if you chose to live in Nevada, maybe you will check out Henderson as well.